Prairie Vista Meadows Homeowners Association

Frequently Asked Questions

A Homeowners Association (HOA) provides a common basis for preserving, maintaining and enhancing the community’s homes and property values.

Its purpose is to ensure a desired level of quality is maintained and keeps the area inviting and attractive for both current and future property owners.

An HOA has a board of directors or governors; elected to develop, oversee and enforce community policies & procedures/rules & regulations, regulate activities, levy assessments, impose fines and file taxes. Membership in an HOA is usually a requirement when purchasing a home or property within the community. As a Non-Profit Corporation, HOA’s are subject to state statues that govern non-profit corporations and homeowner associations.

An HOA will typically describe its rules in documents called the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (C C & Rs), and Rules and Regulations which set certain conditions on owners and their properties.

Section 19. A of the Covenants details what types of animals and how many are allowed on a lot. Please review the section to ensure a clear understanding. Commonly accepted domestic household pets may be kept on any Tract for recreational purposes.

The animals and the number of animals shall be as follows:

  1. Horses: No more than two (2) per Tract or two (2) Bovine (cattle) or a combination of one bovine and one horse.
  2. Dogs: No more than three (3) per Tract. Offspring from these animals may be kept until weaned, not exceeding twelve (12) weeks.
  3. Cats: No more than three (3) per Tract. Offspring from these animals may be kept until weaned, not exceeding twelve (12) weeks.
  4. Chickens: If a property owner receives approval to have chickens, the property owners shall follow the Colorado Springs Regulations. At no time will roosters be allowed. Colorado Springs City Regulations for Animals.

A minimum of two vehicular parking spaces within an enclosed garage shall be provided on all lots. A minimum of two parking spaces shall be provided on the driveway. Operational vehicles shall be permitted to park on driveways, in an organized manner. Recreational vehicles to include travel trailers, horse trailers, semi-trailers, or flatbed trailers, campers, boats or motor homes and various equipment are to be screened from public view with the proper garaging or fencing approved by the ACC. No extra vehicles or vehicle parts shall be permitted to remain exposed upon the premises from any road or from other Tracts within the subdivision.

Community members are encouraged to park vehicles in their garage or driveway whenever possible or in designated parking areas. Vehicle repairs should be done in the garage. No repair shall be permitted to become unsightly or a nuisance.

Section 2. Building Type and Use, of the Amended Protective Covenants state that there shall be no more than two (2) detached buildings upon premises for accessory use. For further guidance on these regulations, contact the Architectural Control Committee Chair.